Three now in custody for Charlestown drug bust


The Customs Anti – Narcotics Unit (CANU) now has three persons in custody following a major drug bust at St Stephen Street, Charlestown Georgetown Tuesday.  

CANU named 23-year-old Ebony Craig of Lamaha Springs, Sophia and 58-year-old Courtney Demonick of St Stephen Street, who remain in custody but did not name the driver of a route 42 minibus who was arrested Wednesday morning.  

CANU agents discovered a total of 89.23 kilograms of cannabis (197) pounds and 20 grams of cocaine.  

The anti-drug agency said the trio will remain in custody pending the completion of the investigation and charges have not been laid as yet.  

The cocaine and marijuana found

CANU’s Deputy Head Mr. Leslie Ramlall said CANU had the house under surveillance and it is suspected that the marijuana originated from Colombia. 

Ramlall said it was because of actions by public-spirited persons that the bust was made and urged persons to continue with the tips. 


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