Baby boy killed in Triumph fire


Tragedy struck a Triumph, East Coast Demerara family of ten Thursday afternoon when a fire of unknown origin engulfed the house and killed a baby boy.

News Room understands that one-year-old Mahin Rampersaud was sleeping in the upper flat of the house while his grandmother and others were in the lower flat.

At around 2pm, the family noticed smoke emanating from the same room that the baby was sleeping in but by the time they reached upstairs, the house was already engulfed in flames and so they were unable to save the child.

The mother, Mala being comforted at the scene.

His mother, Mala Rampersaud was at work when she received a call from family that the house was on fire.

Upon arrival, she discovered that not only was the house destroyed but that her son was killed.

The child’s grandmother Savita Rampersaud is devastated.

The house was destroyed by a fire of unknown origin

“I can’t say how the fire started but I heard the baby cry, when I ran upstairs, I saw the fire already in the roof, I ran back down and cry for help,” the woman said.

The family managed to rescue Mahin’s older sister, who was also in the house.

“I pray that she [Mala] has health and strength, her friends tried but couldn’t do nothing,” said the mother’s best friend, Indira Visundeo.

Part of the house that was destroyed
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