200 jobs for Lindeners as Gov’t invests $60M to reopen call centre


Lindeners can expect 200 new jobs in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) by the end of 2019 as Government plans to invest $60M to rehabilitate the old call centre in the mining town.

This disclosure was made by Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes who recently visited the mining town.

The visit to the region was also to meet and interact with residents of One Mile, Wismar and its environs.

The Minister was part of a much larger team of Government Ministers and officials who spent the day in Linden listening to concerns raised by the residents to craft tangible solutions.

The building, which previously housed the call centre – Toucan Connections Incorporated – has been identified for the rehabilitative works.

In 2015, the management of the call centre at that time abruptly ceased services putting more than 90 persons out of a job.

A Lindener engages herself in the use of a computer as she learns more about ICT [DPI photo]
Since then, the Government has sought to restore hope to the town of Linden by ensuring that young persons are qualified and trained in the field of ICT to take up employment at the call centre.

Additionally, Minister Hughes advocated for more young persons to broaden their horizon in the field of ICT. While in Linden, the Minister met with a group of young people who were undergoing training.

“I am preparing Guyana to become one of the ICT Hubs of the Caribbean, and that depends on each and every one of you knowing this stuff (computer and technology) back to front.”

Minister Hughes advised residents of the communities she visited that they too must seek training in the field of ICT in preparation for the various opportunities that would present itself in this area of skill and competence. (Extracted and modified from Department of Public Information)

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