7 accused found not guilty of Namdar’s murder 


After some four hours of deliberating, a High Court jury Monday afternoon returned not guilty verdicts against seven persons who were on trial for the murder of 27-year-old Zulfikar Namdar known as ‘Vicky’. 

The father of two was gunned down on September 10, 2013, at his Meten-Meer-Zorg (MMZ), West Coast Demerara grocery shop. 

Those who stood trial for the offence were Allan Dorsett called ‘Baird’, ‘Fat man’, ‘Allen’ or ‘Dada’; Delwayne Croft; Esan Lawrence called ‘Muscle’; Jermain Williams called ‘Yankee’; Andrew Chandler called ‘Sonic’ or ‘Sowie’; Samuel Bacchus called ‘Kirk’; and Cassandra Dorsett, also known as ‘Cassandra Singh-Dorsett’ – the wife of Allan Dorsett.  

The trial was held before Justice Navindra Singh who informed the seven accused that they were free to go.  

[Photo taken from Stabroek News]
The Prosecutors were Tuanna Hardy, Teriq Mohammed and Abigail Gibbs while the accused were represented by Nigel Hughes, Adrian Thompson and George Thomas. 

Following the verdict, the accused were hugged and kissed by their relatives. They were all on remand for the past six years. 

The lone female accused, Cassandra told the media after that she was happy and sad at the same time but thanked God for the verdict.  

Cassandra Singh [Photo taken from Stabroek News]
Reports are that the young father was shot in close vicinity of his heart, and on his upper shoulder by six persons who ambushed his home. 

Samuel Bacchus [Photo taken from Stabroek News]
The gunmen had also physically assaulted his mother, Fazie Namdar and took away a bag containing lots of cash. 

Reports then indicated that the gunmen stormed into the grocery shop and ordered Namdar and his friends to lie on the floor, where they shot him. 

He was rushed to the Leonora Diagnostic Center where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  

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