Jagdeo vows to ratchet up pressure on Gov’t to call elections


Hundreds of People’s Progressive Party (PPP) supporters, led by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo took the streets Tuesday in Kingston Georgetown protesting against the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Led by the Party’s leader, Bharrat Jagdeo and PPP’s presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali, hundreds marched the streets demanding that GECOM set a date for elections.

With police barriers set up at all corners of Kingston to protect the headquarters of GECOM, the PPP supporters believe that the election body is delaying the holding of elections.

Jagdeo told the media that the aim of the protest is to end a small signal to GECOM and the Government that the PPP will not tolerate any disrespect to the constitution.

PPP’s Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali (in red hat) leads the protest

In his address to supporters during the protest at Red House, the Opposition Leader said that the PPP will continue to keep the pressure on the Government until elections are held by March 19.

“If elections are not held by March 19, from that date onwards, this Government become illegal, unconstitutional. They can’t sign contracts.

“We’re making it clear that the situation will change in Guyana…we’re not threatening violence. We’re gonna use constitutional measures but trust me, we will ratchet up the pressure on this Government,” Jagdeo told the huge crowd who responded with applause.

According to Jagdeo, the PPP continues to brief the international community about GECOM’s role in the matter and does not rule out more court action against the Government.

“…pressure from civil society, we’re hoping all freedom loving people in Guyana and our Commissioners [PPP] themselves have to fight to ensure that GECOM delivers on its mandate. There is a possibility even of going to the court.”

The Opposition Leader urged his supporters to remain strong and steadfast.

“Let’s keep the pressure up because GECOM has a mandate, it’s a constitutional body and it has to respect our Constitution. The Constitution of Guyana is the supreme law of our country. It now kicks into effect. It’s not what the PPP wants or the APNU wants, what the Government wants.”

Following the December 21 No Confidence motion, elections are due by March 19, unless the National Assembly agrees on an extension.  Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire last Thursday declared that the motion was validly and lawfully carried.

The Government has already appealed her ruling and according to Jagdeo, the coalition Government has demonstrated bad faith since the passage of the motion.

He said to supporters, “We have to take back our country from this corrupt, incompetent cabal who have betrayed all the people of the country including their own supporters.”

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