GPL minibus goes up in flames on Sheriff Street


A Guyana Power and Light (GPL) contracted RZ minibus went up in flames Wednesday morning on Sheriff Street.

The incident occurred just as the bus crossed the traffic light at David and Sheriff Streets heading north towards the East Coast Demerara Highway.

The driver of the minibus, 49-year-old Tamtshwar Mullin said he and his supervisor observed the smoke under the driver’s seat.

Avenash Ramzan photo

The driver pulled over to the side of the road and lifted the seat when he saw the flames.

The two men then used sand from the side of the road in an effort to quell the flames but this was unsuccessful as the entire vehicle became engulfed in flames.

“Me only driving this bus [for] two weeks,” Mullin told News Room.

Avenash Ramzan photo

The owner of the minibus, Leon Andrews, later arrived at the scene and told News Room that the vehicle never experienced issues.

The Guyana Fire Service subsequently doused the flames.

Avenash Ramzan photo
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