Archery Guyana, NSC plot the way forward


Mohamed Khan, President of Archery Guyana, and Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, Secretary General of Archery Guyana, recently met with Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, at the National Sports Commission, Homestretch Avenue.

During this visit they updated the Director of Sport on the progress of Archery Guyana. They discussed their development plans, including the proposed Junior Archery Programme, Schools Programme and Para-Archery Programme.

A consensus was arrived at to pursue greater outreach programmes in collaboration with the NSC. The Director of Sport confirmed arrangements were in place for Archery Guyana to have access to the National Gymnasium for Indoor Archery and to the Leonora Track for Outdoor Archery.

It was also agreed that Archery Guyana will endeavour to take Outdoor Archery to other facilities outside the Capital City with the possibility of collaborating to develop Archery in all regions of Guyana.

Director of Sport Christopher Jones (right) receives from President of Archery Guyana Mohamed Khan the updated requisite documents in the presence of Director/Secretary-General of Archery Guyana Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon

Archery Guyana took the opportunity to advise the Director of Sport of their plans to host an International Olympic Archery Judge’s Seminar in collaboration with World Archery Americas.

It was agreed that this would benefit many Guyanese and has the potential to lift Guyana’s profile in the international sporting community.  At the end of this seminar, Archery Guyana intends to host an International Archery Competition.

The Director and Archery Guyana agreed to collaborate to build a stronger working relationship in promoting and developing the novel sport for the benefit of all Guyanese. The Directors of Archery Guyana committed to continue to maintain the highest standards of governance and transparency in all their activities.

In this regard, Khan took the opportunity to hand over a copy of Archery Guyana’s recent Audited Financial Statement duly audited by an external auditor pursuant to NSC requirements and other supporting documents, thereby being the first sports body in Guyana to comply with the 2019 requirements.

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