Itabali to Puruni road to be rehabilitated


The Itabali to Puruni Road, which is in an atrocious state, is set to be rehabilitated within the coming weeks, according to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

This comes after miners and residents complaining about the state of the only access road in and out of the area.

A statement from the Ministry Thursday said that the responsibility for the road falls specifically under the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) but the Government “has recognized the urgency of repair and assures that all efforts are being made by the Ministry to advance the efforts of the GGMC to have this road rehabilitated.”

The Stabroek News reported Friday that a woman died while stranded on the said road for two days last weekend.

She was identified as Patricia Joseph known as ‘Patsy’ of West Indies Housing Scheme, Bartica.

The Stabroek News reported that Joseph was heading into the interior, where she worked as a cook, when the truck she was travelling in got stuck inside a ditch.

A post mortem indicated that the woman died from ruptured arteries, which the pathologist said could have been brought on by stress and fatigue.

Miners have been complaining about the state of the road over the years especially during the rainy seasons.

Former Minister of Natural Resources, Robert Persaud, told News Room that miners have represented their concerns about the poor state of the Puruni access road.

He said it’s about time the contractor responsible for the maintenance of the road be replaced.

“In fact, I’m surprised by the silence of GGDMA [Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association] which was barging through my door on this same matter calling for my intervention several years ago, which I did to ensure attention was given,” Persaud said.

Persaud said miners must not be neglected even with the great promise of oil.

However, the Ministry said it will assist GGMC in having the road addressed as a matter of priority and apologized for the constant delays and the difficulties experienced by the communities.

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