UG to implement security measures following bomb threats


The result of last week’s threats to the highest educational institution in Guyana has led the university’s leadership team to put in place security measures that should have been in operation a long time now.

This is according to Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Ivelaw Griffith who addressed the media Monday at the Education Lecture Theatre at the University’s Turkeyen campus.

The Vice-Chancellor said the measures will take place over time in different phases.

“Beginning Wednesday everyone will have to display an ID [Identification Card]. If you don’t have your staff or student ID, you’ll have to have some other form of identification to gain access to the campus”, Professor Griffith said.

According to the Professor, even though the Police’s Bomb Disposal Unit gave the all-clear following the threats, he decided to close the campus to evaluate the safety measures available to staff and students.

L-R: Professor Ivelaw Griffith, Deputy Police Commissioner Maxine Graham, Crime Chief Lyndon Alves, and the Director of Strategic Initiatives at UG Dr Fitzgerald Yaw

“So we took seriously the threat on Tuesday, which led to evacuation; we took seriously the threat on Wednesday and mindful of the experiences of Tuesday and Wednesday we recognize that we were not in an adequate preparation mode,” the VC said.

The restriction of visitors to the back gate on the campus will take effect soon.

“This campus has 51 different buildings and we have talked for a while about electronic key access. So if you are a student and you have a legitimate reason for being in a building when we have the system that allows that electronic access, you can use your ID”, Professor Griffith said.

Meanwhile, given the fact that classes were cancelled last week, measures will be put in place to make up for missed lectures.

The press conference at the campus Monday also included Crime Chief Lyndon Alves, Deputy Police Commissioner Maxine Graham and the Director of Strategic Initiatives at UG Dr Fitzgerald Yaw.

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