Herstelling man accuses Cop of threatening to push gun in his mouth


Mahindra Narine, 27, of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara is claiming that a Police Corporal attached to the Providence Police Station threatened to push a gun in his mouth after he [Narine] questioned the cop as to why he was not wearing a seat belt.

Narine told News Room that he attempted to make a report against the cop to the Police at Providence Station but a Sergeant, whom he identified by name, refused to take the report.

As a matter of fact, Narine was locked up for over two hours at the police station and has since been charged with disorderly behaviour.

According to Narine, his ordeal began on Tuesday at Second Street, Herstelling when he saw the police driving in the Force’s vehicle.

They were not wearing their seatbelts and so he asked them why that is the case.

“I feel it was a very valid question asking the police about seat belt because it could have saved his life.

“The police responded ‘ah want push meh gun in yuh mouth.’ Several persons were there and they also heard,” Narine told News Room.

Narine said he refused to be disrespected by the Police and so he decided to file a report at the Providence Police.

It was there that the situation took a turn for the worse.

Narine said he approached a Sergeant who was playing a game on his phone, identified himself and began to explain what transpired.

“A minute after, he raised up, he looked at me and he said ‘Who are you to inquire if the police wearing seat belt or not?’

“So I asked him if the police are exempted from wearing seat belt and if they are exempted from the laws and road safety.”

Narine said the Sergeant then refused to take his report.

The young man then decided to leave when he came to face to face with the Corporal inside the compound.

“He came out of the vehicle with his gun and he came in front of me blocking my way from exiting the compound.

“I decided to take out my phone to video the police not moving from in front of me. When I took out my phone, two other police including him, come and start to hold on [on] me snatching and holding my phone.”

The young man said he was forced back into the police station where he was placed before the Sergeant.

He accused the Sergeant of seizing his phone and searching its contents.

“I was reaching for my phone and he lash my hand away…So when he finished with the phone, he put it down and I took my phone and I put it in my pocket and was leaving the station when he told officers to lock me up for disorderly behaviour.”

Narine said the ordeal is one that has left him in disbelief and he is not satisfied with the way the matter was handled especially by a Sergeant of the Station.

The man said he spent almost two hours incarcerated at the police station, and he was refused bail even after his lawyer intervened.

But the persistence by his lawyer pushed them to grant Narine bail of $10,000.

“I’m 27-years-old, I’ve never gotten in a matter with the police, I was never arrested but because of a simple question, I’m of the opinion that because the police they are in a uniform, because they have coloured clothing and a few stripes, their ego has gone to cloud nine.”

Narine said he has lost hope in the men in uniform after this incident.

Commander of ‘A’ Division Marlon Chapman says an investigation has been launched into the matter.

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