Young Baramita resident missing since 2017


“He can’t just disappear like that,” said Kenneth Baird, the father of the now 20-year-old Kenyon Baird, who mysteriously disappeared almost two years ago.

The young Baird left his Baramita, Region One home on June 12, 2017, and never returned.

Baramita is a community close to the Venezuelan border with a population of about 3,000 people.

The then 18-year-old worked with his father, who is a dredge operator.

Mr Baird told News Room Thursday that he is still baffled about his son’s disappearance and can’t recall any issue that would cause the young man to disappear.

He described his son as “quiet” who was always jovial with his five other siblings.

The young man left home the Monday after Father’s Day but his family thought he was at his girlfriend’s house in Aranka, a village about four miles away.

But when he did not return home, the family began to inquire about his whereabouts; the girlfriend said he never showed up at her house.

“I saw him leaving that morning on a track line and I thought he was going to the shop or by one of his friends,” Mr Baird said.

The disappearance of the young man has been hard on the family.

“Sometimes when we are laughing and having a good time, we think about him not being here with us and it makes us sad,” the father said.

In 2017, the Civil Defense Commission (CDC) with the assistance of the Police, searched the village and surrounding communities but it was futile.

The mystery continues…

The disappearance of the young remains a mystery.

“One day when I was on one of the tracks searching, I saw someone exactly like him,” Mr Baird said.

The father said he was standing about 200 feet away, but swore it was his son. He said he saw his son talking with another man, whom he identified as Nigel Henry.

“I felt so happy when I thought I had found him, but whilst running towards him and calling his name, he ran away,” the father said sadly.

Mr Baird said Henry subsequently told him that the man who ran away was his [Henry] brother who thought that the older Baird was a Cop chasing him.

Mr Baird said he will continue to have positive thoughts about his son.

A young girl from the community said she saw the young Baird at a shop a few days after he left his parents’ home.

A machine operator also said he saw someone looking like the young man early in December the same year he disappeared; this was in a back dam in the Venezuela territory.

The machine operator said he spoke with the young Baird.

Anyone with credible information that will assist in finding this young man can contact, +592 604 7713 or the nearest police station. (Isanella Patoir)

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