Pregnant woman claims assault by drunk Rose Hall Police


Ranks at the Rose Hall Outpost are currently under investigation after they allegedly manhandled a mother of seven while responding to a noise nuisance report at Williamsburg, East Berbice, Corentyne on Tuesday last.

The matter was brought to light after a video, which captured the assault, went viral on social media.

The Police were at the time responding to a complaint of noise nuisance next door. The Police are claiming that the woman assaulted them while resisting arrest.

Bhagwattie Krishandat, 38, called ‘Patricia,’ who is three months pregnant, said she was on her way home on Tuesday at around noon when she noticed a commotion near her property.

Noticing that her kids were out on the street and in the midst of the commotion, she decided to take them inside.

However, during the process, the Police alleged that she assaulted them.

“I noticed the Police around my children, so I told the Police to let me collect my children.

“When I was in the yard, the Police said I assaulted him. So, I asked him how I assaulted him and he told me I will know when the backup comes.”

She related that the patrol van pulled up in front of her home shortly after and three ranks immediately rushed to take her into the van.

She alleged that the ranks appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and she made it clear she was not going with them unless they have a female rank present. This allegedly angered the ranks and the situation escalated.

“They say them gun carry me down, that they will show me that I going down.

“The three of them tried to hold down my hand to put the handcuff on me hand.

“I resisted and ran in the yard and my husband bolted the gate but them come in and start assault me and my husband.”

The traumatized woman said the ranks tried frantically to pull her out of her yard towards the vehicle and even dragged her.

She said that her husband intervened, trying to get the ranks off her but he was met with blows from the ranks and was told that he too needed to go to the station.

When quizzed why they were being arrested and taken to the station, the couple was told the will know when they get to the station.

The woman said the assault continued on them and the ranks eventually managed to overpower her husband and took him to the police vehicle.

At this point, she ran into the house with her children and changed her clothing which was ripped.

She went to the Rose Hall police outpost where she was taken into custody by a female rank.

She was released on $10,000 station bail later in the night after she informed the Police that she is pregnant.

Her husband was released a day later without being charged.

The couple decided to visit the head of #2 Police sub-division at Whim where they related the incident and said they received satisfaction from him.

They eventually went to the Office of Professional Responsibility as well as the Commander.

The couple has since said they are pleased with the manner in which the senior ranks handled the situation and confirmed that other ranks visited them on Thursday to carry out an investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile, Tineshwar Persaud of Lot 128 Williamsburg Squatting area is the man at the center of the noise nuisance report.

He told News Room that three Police Officers visited his house and indicated they received reports of him playing music loud and they came to warn him.

“They then say they want to see what I am playing so they open the gate and come in. When they saw the equipment, they started to pull out the wires and stuff and was ready to seize it.

“When I came out by the culvert they were ready to handcuff me.”

Persaud said he jumped into the trench and a crowd gathered, after which the Police released him from the handcuff and sent him to take a shower.

After, he was taken to Rose Hall Outpost where he was kept in custody and released the following day.

A senior officer confirmed to the News Room the matter is currently being investigated and officers were sent to the area on Thursday to take statements from residents.

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