Jagdeo will not ask for meeting with President, considering sanctions against Gov’t


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo says he is considering all legal options and sanctions against the Government if President David Granger does not name a date for general and regional elections by the March 21st deadline.

Mr Jagdeo, who holds a constitutional office as the Leader of the Opposition, continues to drive home that the country is heading into a constitutional crisis but he does not believe the responsibility lies with him to initiate a meeting with the President.

He believes that President Granger needs to take seriously the consequences of the December 21st No Confidence motion passed against the Government.

“The timeline is ticking and yet he is saying nothing to this country…I have to go and catch him…I’ll stand up when he goes to Pearl [East Bank Demerara] and flag him down and say ‘oh, Mr President, we’re heading to a constitutional crisis, can we meet tomorrow?’

“Do I have to tell him this? He doesn’t know this? And if he knows this, then he should address it seriously. But they are hell-bent on violating the constitution because they don’t care about the consequences,” Mr Jagdeo said to reporters at a news conference Thursday at his Church Street, Georgetown office.

If the March 21st deadline passes and a date is not set for elections, Mr Jagdeo is considering legal action and will call for international condemnation and sanctions.

He said he has already acquired two legal opinions but wants to explore a few more.

Some of the sanctions include the freezing of bank accounts and the prohibition of travelling.

“This president is now acting as though nothing is happening, that the country is going fine, his Ministers are doing well, they’re spending all our money…he has given no indication whatsoever that he understands the seriousness of the situation or he is prepared to address it. As the President of Guyana…this will be his legacy, he is driving us into a constitutional crisis.”

Mr Jagdeo made it clear that he will not support an extension to the March 21st deadline; the Government needs the support of the Opposition if it plans to extend the date in the National Assembly.

The Government has since appealed the No Confidence motion.

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