“I want to see Guyana cricket do better”- Dave Narine


By Avenash Ramzan

Entrepreneur Dave Narine is a cricket aficionado. Given his Guyanese roots, it seems there’s an almost seamless gravitation and inevitable appreciation for the gentleman’s game.

He’s not only an avid follower, but also a massive supporter of the game’s development through his business, Dave West Indian Imports and Exports.

On Friday afternoon he once again stepped to the forefront to strengthen an alliance with the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), exclusively supplying the necessary funding to run off the annual Under-15 male Inter-county competition, starting Monday (February 25).

“I want to see Guyana cricket do better. I want to see West Indies cricket do better,” Narine told a gathering of young cricketers at the Guyana Cricket Board office on Friday.

“How can we make that happen? Through you guys.”

Narine, who is sponsoring the competition for the fourth year in succession, said he is looking forward to seeing the players move through ranks, from county, country, West Indies Youth and ultimately West Indies senior team.

“And here is where it starts,” Narine stressed.

Some of the participating cricketers, officials and sponsors at the symbolic handing over of the sponsorship

The businessman noted that from inception he believed his investment would be better at the Under-15 level, since he wanted to contribute to the development of players from a young age.

“Because of the success I’m having with the Guyana Cricket Board, I’ve decided to improve or increase the sponsorship level, as Mr. Raj Singh said, to platinum,” Narine stated.

Singh, the Marketing Manager of the GCB, lauded the Narine and his company for seeing the need to extend its partnership with Guyana’s cricket.

“Those of you who know Mr. Narine would know that he’s very passionate about cricket, all forms of cricket, and he’s put his money where his mouth is; he’s backed our youths in Guyana,” Singh pointed out.

Singh labelled the competition “historic” as the GCB plans to test out live streaming of updates of the games on its website.

Part of the gathering at Friday’s launch

Territorial Development Officer of the GCB, Colin Stuart, encouraged the players to grasp their opportunities, as this tournament would be used primarily to select the Guyana team to compete in Cricket West Indies’ Regional Under-15 competition this year.

Demerara, Berbice, Essequibo and a President’s XI will battle for supremacy, with preliminary matches slated for February 25, 26 and 28, followed by the final at the GCC ground, Bourda, on March 2.

As a form of encouraging players to spend a longer time at the crease, bonus points would be awarded to teams batting in excess of 45 overs in an innings, as well as scoring over 200 runs.

Below is the schedule of matches

Monday February 25, 2019

Demerara v Berbice at GCC ground, Bourda

President’s XI v Essequibo at Everest

Tuesday February 26, 2019

Essequibo v Berbice at Lusignan

Demerara v President’s XI at Everest

Thursday February 28, 2019

Demerara v Essequibo at Everest

President’s XI v Berbice at Lusignan

Saturday March 2, 2019

Final at GCC ground, Bourda


Demerara: Aliv Mohabir, Zachary Jodah, Taddue Lovell, Mavindra Dindayal, Romeo Deonarine, Jodan Campbell, Zahid Baksh, Omari Lallbachan, Riyad Latiff, Joash Charles, Dhanesh Persaud, Vishaul Persaud, Krisan Singh and Avinash Rajkumar. This team is led by Manager Jitlal Jowharilall and Coach Orin Bailey.

Essequibo: Gladewin Henry, Terrence Softleigh, Shaazif Mohamed, Aryon Doodnauth, Ravy Nandolall, Govinda Tulsie, Deo Kanhai, Mahesh Sookdeo, Justin Megue, Sherwin Stoll, Gvion Arokium, Rajindra Ramballi, Sarwan Bishram and Akeem John. This team is led by Manager Vickram Ramnarine and Coach Forbes Daniels.

Berbice: Isaiah Thorne, Rampertab Ramnauth, Christopher Deroop, Tameshwar Mahadeo, Kelvin Samuels, Mark Ramalho, Damion Cecil, Ravishkar Sobhai, Tuvishkar Shaundeo, Salim Khan, Matthew Pottaya, Bashkar Dhanai, Niquan Samuels and Avishkar Persaud. This team is led by Manager Lakeram Latchman and Leslie Solomon.

President’s XI: Nityanand Mathra, Anthony Khan, Sachin Balgobin, Nicholas Sheopersaud, Dillon Ramsaroop, Bhaskar Shamlall, Rezekiel Renee, Panav Ramnarine, Jamie Mendes, Golcharran Chulai, Seemangal Pamesh, Altore Balman, Satya Grance, Kumar Deopersaud and Sanjay Algoo. This team is led by Manager Latchman Yadram and Coach Winston Smith.


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