Mashramani 2019: Celebrate Mash 49, With Victory in Mind 


Mashramani is one of Guyana’s most popular cultural events; the word Mashramani is of Amerindian origin which means: “Celebration after Hard work”.  

The national holiday is observed on February 23 every year to commemorate the country’s Republican status. Guyana became a Republic in 1970.  

The annual Mashramani Parade in Georgetown on Saturday saw a rainbow of colourful floats. 

(DPI Photo)

Every year organisations and ministries show off their creative skills under a theme. This year’s theme is, “Celebrate Mash 49, With Victory in Mind.” 

The parade started from Carifesta Avenue and Camp Road and made its way onto Vlissengen Road, then finally Durban Park for judging.  

Spectators lined the road corners to witness revelers tramping down the streets, while parents brought blankets and picnicked on the grass.  

While the idea of ‘Mash’ has evolved every year, there is always the unity of the six races as everyone joins in the glitter, colour and reveling.  

 The annual parade is the highlight of the Mash celebrations while the night before captures the National Flag Raising ceremony.  

But Mash celebrations began at schools across the country weeks ago with various competitions in different categories such as dance, drama and poetry.  

Chutney, Calypso, Soca and Creative Arts are also a major part in the celebration of this unique festivity. 

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NOTE: Some photos belong to the Department of Public Information

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