Natural Resources Ministry partners with CI to further Green Economy


The Ministry of Natural Resources inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Conversation International (CI) Tuesday to form the framework for collaboration in areas of mutual interest towards the enablement of green economic growth and development.

This will support the planning, development and implementation of activities which will contribute to the environmentally sound management and development of the country’s natural resources and the protection of its biological diversity.

Programs and activities between the two parties will be focused on sustainable development of natural resources, covering areas in mining, forestry management and water management.

The MoU, which will last for two years, further intends to develop, implement and oversee policies in the mining sector.

At the signing which took place at Cara Lodge, Quamina Street, Georgetown, it was revealed that Conservation International will provide financial assistance to the ministry for training and other areas as projects are implemented.

The Senior Technical Director for Conservation International, Curtis Bernard said, “For more than two decades, CI Guyana through diverse partnerships has helped design and implement solutions to secure Guyana’s natural heritage we are committed to continuing this work.”

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman said this is an expansion in formulating the Green Economy and further, the Green Gold Project which is to ensure that gold is produced in a sustainable environment.

“The MoU aims towards the enable of Guyana’s green economic growth and development and represents another step of level of exchange between the ministry and Conservation International that will go well for progress on a range of natural resources sector development,” Minister Trotman said.

One of the projects the Ministry of Natural Resources and Conservation International joined forces with is providing potable water for the community of Nappi in Central Rupununi, Region 9.

Minister Trotman said a 4 million cubic foot reservoir has already begun construction and the ministry has already spent US$40,000.

Minister Trotman said the well will also provide water for the residents in the event of a drought.

This is the third MOU the Ministry has signed to ensure Guyana has sustainable environments for its natural resources with the first two being with the National Toshaos Council and the World Wildlife Fund.

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