Young Berbice couple beaten, robbed by 5 bandits 


A young couple is now traumatised after five bandits, armed with guns, cutlasses and a crowbar, beat and robbed them in the wee hours Sunday at their Bloomfield Village, Corentyne Berbice house.

News Room understands that the men gained access to the two storey-house by breaking a window on the western side of the property; one of the perpetrators entered first and opened the side door for his accomplices.

Amrita Ramchand, 26, told News Room that at approximately 03:30hrs she, her husband and three-year-old baby were awakened to sounds of dogs barking loudly and “creaking sounds of the zinc.”

“My husband shouted who’s out there and by the time he said that the window broke and someone jumped in the house then we hear the door opened and they began shouting,” the traumatised woman told News Room.

She and her family locked themselves in the bedroom but the bandits climbed an adjoining room, pointed a gun through the spindles and demanded they open the door.

Five bandits, armed with guns, cutlasses and a crowbar, beat and robbed the couple at their Bloomfield Village, Corentyne Berbice house

The husband Asif Owal – an Administrator at the Mibicuri Hospital – gave into their demands and pleaded with the bandits not to hurt his wife and child.

As he opened the door, the bandits attacked Asif, grabbed his wife by the hair and asked for cash. The young man was beaten in his head with a gun and brutally kicked about his body.

The couple then handed over a quantity of jewellery, approximately $30,000 in cash and two cellphones.

“They beat him, kick him and gun butt him in his head. We tell them that’s all we had and we don’t keep money at home. My husband even tell them take the car keys but still weren’t satisfied with the that and continued to beat him,” the young mother said.

The entire ordeal lasted for about twenty minutes. Asif was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

The Police were contacted and arrived promptly but by then the bandits had already escaped, taking with them the CCTV footage.

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