Baby girl dies just after delivery at NA hospital; parents want investigation


A Berbice couple wants the authorities to launch an investigation after their baby girl died shortly after she was delivered at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Nandram Gopaul, 21, explained that on March 1, just after midnight, his wife Sheriza Abrahim, 18, began experiencing labour pains and he took her to the hospital.

Whilst there, he explained to the nurses that his wife was in labour but he was met with a blunt reply: “She nah ready yet, just now.”

Gopaul of Shieldstown, West Bank Berbice said the beds were filled and his wife was placed on a bench to sit.

“She got the contraction more intense and was telling the nurses that she ready to give birth but they continued to say she wasn’t ready,” he said.

The contractions continued for the young mother of one, but they only responded when she told the nurses she was feeling the baby’s head.

At approximately 09:25 hrs, she was taken to the delivery room where she gave birth but the baby had to be taken to the incubator.

The father said he was told that due to the delay in delivery, the baby swallowed meconium (baby first stool).

In an invited comment an obstetrician/gynaecologist said constant monitoring of the mother and the fetus can play a vital role in ensuring safe deliveries but stressed that a post mortem is necessary to determine what exactly occurred.

“I don’t like what happened.

“I hold them responsible, look how long my wife telling them. She had a baby already, she know what she was feeling.”

On Monday, Gopaul turned up at the New Amsterdam Hospital to uplift the body of his child but was told the hospital is waiting a post mortem examination, which is expected to be done on Tuesday.

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