RUSAL refuses to engage Bauxite Union


Officials of Russian Aluminum (RUSAL) which operates the Bauxite Company of Guyana Incorporated (BCGI) has sent a letter to the Ministry of Social Protection requesting that the Bauxite Union not be a part of the engagements relating to the firing of over 60 workers from the company on February 15 and others thereafter.

This is according to Lincoln Lewis, President of the Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union.

“What they are doing is racist because they look at me as firm black man that can stand up to them,” Lewis told reporters at the Ministry of Social Protection’s Brickdam office on Monday.

He added that there will be no terms of resumption unless the company is prepared to sit down and talk with this union.

“They saying they don’t want I to be apart of this union..what they want? They want lampy pampy and lackies,” the Veteran trade unionist said.

Rusal met with the government for the third time to discuss the dismissal of the workers that protested a 1% increase in wages. The meeting was held at the Ministry’s of Social Protection, Department of Labour with Minister Keith Scott and Chief Labour Officer Charles Ogle.

RUSALOfficials refused to give a comment after the meeting but according to Minister with responsibility for Labour, Keith Scott, the company wants the river to be unblocked by the workers.

The Government subsequently engaged the union in a separate meeting on the matter during which the Union refused to instruct its workers to unblock the river unless the company engages the union.

The Minister told reporters that efforts will be made to find a solution to the issues faced.

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