3 years jail for trio found guilty of armed robbery


Three men were sentenced to three years imprisonment each for robbing three female passengers and the driver of a Route 42 minibus at Middle Street, McDoom, East Bank Demerara in 2017.

Anthony Damion, Eon Trotman and Kevin Abrams were found guilty of the four charges and were sentenced to three years on each count by trial Magistrate Dylon Bess Tuesday.

The sentences will run concurrently.

The court was told that on December 13, 2017, at McDoom Public Road, armed with a gun, they robbed Winnet Francis of a bag and purse valued $6,500; they also robbed the minibus driver Ryan Thomas of $4,000.

They were also found guilty of robbing Shidea Aziez of a cell phone and other items amounting to $43,000, and Liloutie Persaud of a cellphone valued $55,000.

The trio entered the minibus at the Stabroek Market Square at around 10:00 hrs and as the vehicle approached McDoom, they requested that the vehicle stop at Middle Street for them to disembark.

Upon exiting the vehicle, one of the suspects pulled out a firearm and demanded that the driver and the passengers hand over their valuables.

However, swift action by the police led to the trio’s arrest at a house on Second Street, Agricola.

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