Opposition begins writing foreign powers and considers legal action as March 21 elections deadline looms 


The Opposition is considering legal actions and has begun lobbying for sanctions following a failure by President David Granger to name a date for General and Regional Elections. 

At a Press conference on Thursday, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo made it clear that after March 21, the Government must not continue business as usual. 

 “The sole purpose of staying in office after the defeat in a No-Confidence motion and after the resignation of the Cabinet is to hold an election,” Jagdeo noted. 

“This nonsense of business, as usual, is a clear contravention of what the legislators intend. 

“This Government is shirking the responsibility of holding an election for which it is in office,” he added. 

March 21 is the end of the 90 days period by which a date for elections. This is in harmony with the Constitutional provision that details what happens after a No-Confidence motion is passed.  

Jagdeo said after March 21, “one thing will be sure, the situation will change how we [the opposition] relate to the Government.” 

“We will be in chaos, already it is affecting the economy, we have seen a slowdown in the economy and this Government will be solely responsible,” the Opposition Leader said. 

He disclosed that the PPP has begun writing letters to Caribbean Heads of Government, the Organisation of American States (OAS) and Commonwealth to inform them of the political situation of Guyana. 

Asked whether he hopes CARICOM can act as a mediator in this process, Jagdeo said it is too early to have that conversation.

“CARICOM will be faced with an illegal Government in a member of state…I hope that they will treat it as an urgent matter.” 

Jagdeo said the Opposition has already begun making it clear to foreign companies that contracts signed with the Government within this period will not be respected. 

He further explained that his party will “advocate for Parliament not to pay anybody” while any resources used by Ministers after March 21 “will be treated as personal expenses to be recovered later.” 

“We will see that as unauthorized use of state money and therefore recoverable in the future through civil actions, through deduction from pensions, etc.” 

“There’s a whole slew of things that will come,” Jagdeo promised. 

He noted that while the Opposition is exploring court action, he does not want it to be used as an excuse to further delay the elections.

“The thing is the timeline in the court, so we are very concerned about the matter being tied up in court and that being used as an excuse,” he said. 

Jagdeo on Wednesday met with President David Granger but there was no agreement on a date for elections. 

The issues discussed surrounded the readiness of GECOM to hold elections. Jagdeo has proposed that elections can be held by April 30 before the current voter’s list expires and he believes that is reasonable. 

According to Jagdeo, the issue of staff for GECOM was raised but he believes that the thousands of staff used for the recently held Local Government Elections (LGE) can be hired and given a refresher course.

As it relates to the availability of resources for the conduct of the elections, the Opposition Leader said there are systems which can be put in place for the tendering process to be waived. 

He disclosed that he was invited by the President to meet with GECOM but refused on the basis that it is the President’s responsibility. 

“As Opposition Leader, they will give me the same excuses because I have a different view,” he told the media. 

The Opposition Leader said he is open to having another meeting with the President but only after a date has been set for General and Regional Elections.  

President Granger meets with the chairman and Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission on Friday. 


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