Elections deadline: Jagdeo tells supporters to be patient; PPP will never ‘run down the road’


Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo Sunday afternoon urged supporters of his party, the PPP, to be patient as they wait on President David Granger to proclaim a date for elections.

As the elections deadline approaches, Jagdeo said the PPP would not be agitated into violent street protests, declaring that the “PPP will never run down the road.”

Jagdeo was speaking at Babu Jaan at the annual memorial to party founder Dr Cheddi Jagan in Port Mourant Berbice.

The date for the holding of general elections expires on March 21, following the passage of the December 21 No Confidence motion.

Jagdeo trumped up the fact that the Government needs the PPP in order to continue in office, as an extension of the elections deadline is only possible with the Opposition’s support in Parliament.

If the deadline expires and there is no definite date for elections, Jagdeo maintained that the Government will become unconstitutional.

If this happens, he told supporters that they should “chase out” any government officials who visit the region.

“They betrayed all of the people,” Jagdeo said of the Government. He said Charrandass Persaud, the Parliamentarian who defected and voted in favour of the No Confidence motion and allowed for its passage, looks like a patriot in the face of failed promises by the Government.

Jagdeo maintained his claim that the Government is trying to hold on to power and is engaging in corrupt practices while the time passes.

The Opposition Leader spoke confidently of a PPP victory whenever the elections are held, saying that the PPP’s Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali, has done more in the two months since he was named to the post than President Granger has done in four years when it comes to meeting and talking with people.

He said the PPP has a solid track record of progressive and inclusionary development and that this will continue should it be victorious.

He promised that the PPP would reverse taxes on water, electricity and medicine, and restore a cash grant to school children in the public school system. Further, he said the PPP would reverse an increase in rentals or taxes for farmers and miners.

Jagdeo urged supporters to work hard for a PPP victory and to get others to join the party.


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