Sam Hinds urges ‘quick’ return of PPP; tells Gov’t to ‘let elections begin’


Former Prime Minister Sam Hinds railed against the Government for going back on its word immediately after the passage of the No Confidence motion on December 21, which demands elections in 11 days unless an extension is agreed to by the Opposition PPP.

Hinds told PPP supporters at the annual memorial for party founder Dr Cheddi Jagan Sunday that they must work to win victory at the polls whenever they are held. He said that the 23 years of the PPP in office were “good” for Guyana and the country must get back there “quickly.”

He recalled that immediately after the No Confidence motion, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo declared that the country was going back to the polls and that the outcome of the No Confidence motion must be accepted.

He noted too that the President had committed himself to smooth elections.

As such, the former Prime Minister urged the diplomatic community and Guyanese overseas to join the fight for the outcome of the passage of the motion to be accepted and for elections to be held.

“Let the elections begin!” he declared.

Hinds, who served for most the the PPP’s 23 years in office and for a few months after the death of Dr Jagan in 1997, said that without elections the country risks the “disaster” of being an unconstitutional state.

However, he said that the outcome of the elections is uncertain and so he urged others to join the PPP to ensure they are returned to office and that the achievements of the 23 years of the PPP would be “redoubled.”

“Don’t just stay out there and watch us, come and join us,” he urged.

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