Security guard shot by Police dies


A 49-year -old security guard succumbed at the New Amsterdam Hospital on Sunday hours after he was shot in the leg by Police.

Dead is Mark Johnson of Lot 13 Nurney Village, Corentyne Berbice.

At approximately 22:45 hrs Saturday, a relative of Johnson stopped a Police patrol to complain that he, Johnson, was under the influence of alcohol, armed with a cutlass, and behaving in a disorderly manner while issuing threats to her.

Additionally, it is alleged that Johnson pelted several bottles towards his sister’s house, breaking the windows.

Three Police officers from the patrol subsequently went to the home of the man and warned him to put away the weapon.

It is claimed that he continued to brandish the cutlass and reportedly fired in the direction of the Police.

The News Room was told by a relative that the Police tried to arrest Johnson, however, Johnson allegedly advanced to the Police with the cutlass.

Two warning shots were fired in the air but the security guard reportedly continued his tirade and charged towards the ranks with the weapon.

It was at this point, it is claimed, that one of the Policemen fired about three shots towards his leg.

He was then picked up and taken to Port Mourant Hospital and then transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he passed away.

Johnson received injuries to his right ankle, right upper thigh and below the right knee.

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