Fast cars, safety top priorities for GMR&SC at upcoming Drag Race meet


By Akeem Greene

Team Mohamed’s Enterprise has once again stepped to the forefront in local motor-racing by adding a third Nissan GT-R to its fleet.

It means one of the fastest Nissan GT-Rs in the world is set to race at South Dakota when the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) hosts it first Drag Racing meet for the year on March 24.

Based on previous performances, the white GT-R, which was tuned by EKanoo Racing, can reach over 200MPH and in favourable conditions can clock in the low seven-seconds bracket, and even touch six seconds.

‘Goliath’, as fans have come to know the black GT-R, holds the record at 7.527 seconds.

This newly acquired Nissan GT-R will make its debut at South Dakota on March 24

Based on images on social media, local drivers are also ramping up their preparation to produce greater speeds now that the essential Launch Pad is expected to be completed by Saturday (March 16).

Given the stakes, and obvious risk that accompanies the fast-moving machines, the club is pulling out all stops to ensure safety of patrons and drivers alike, according to President Rameez Mohamed.

“We had emailed the FIA and sent them the entire details of our drag strip and this (is) what they recommend us to do. They recommended us to put at least six rows of tires and they sent the instructions on how to strap them and stuff like that; we (have) started that process already and spectators do not have to worry, we are putting everything in place,” Mohamed told News Room Sport on Wednesday.

GMR&SC President Rameez Mohamed

The Launch Pad, which came to fruition via partnerships with Mohamed’s Enterprise, provides additional safety measures.

“It is very good with safety; these high-powered cars when they pull off tend to go either left or right. The pad would help the car remain straight, so it is a big safety factor.”

The introduction of the pad means instead of the 1000ft; fans can witness a full quarter mile (1320ft) fight to the finish.

“It is going to be really big. We actually invested a lot into the launch pad and finishing the road that connects it to the current. Over the years, a lot of racers have been putting more and more power into their cars and you cannot get the power down to the ground without the launch pad, the car will wheel spin and now with a launch pad it is sticky; the substance that holds on the pad we designed is very sticky and that would help the car put the power down,” Mohamed explained.

Ongoing works on the Launch Pad at South Dakota

He further indicated, “a car doing like eight seconds, and now with a launch pad, you are looking at maybe a second off.”

The President indicated that Suriname has expressed an interest in attending the meet, however, in the pipeline is a regional meet in August.

“I have emails coming in from Panama, Jamaica, Trinidad and I have been in contact with Barbados as well; for sure they will come now that we have a launch pad,” he explained.

Adult tickets cost $1000 each, while a ticket for a child is half that amount. Driver registration is $5,000.

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