Tomb vandalised at #66 Cemetery


The tomb of 60-year-old Roopnarine Kowlasar who was buried at the Number 66 Cemetery last Friday was vandalised sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

His wife, Tarwattie Persaud is at a loss as to why anyone would break the tomb since her husband was not buried with any valuables.

The tomb was badly damaged and the casket was pulled outside while the decomposed body of Kowlasar was removed and thrown aside.

The distraught wife told New Room Thursday that workers were cleaning a nearby trench when they made the horrible discovery.

Tarwattie Persaud holds up a picture of her husband whose tomb was vandalised

“Someone come by we and say let’s us go visit the burial ground that something happen. When I reach it was really sad to see what they did. I leaving what happen here and persons responsible in God’s hand.”

Mrs Persaud is devastated as she recalled that she visited her husband’s grave only on Wednesday and it was intact. The incident was reported to the Police who visited the scene. The family has since fixed the tomb and re-buried the man’s remains.

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