Berbice youth shot in back by Police during ‘special operation’


One week after a 25-year-old man was shot by Police in Corriverton, Berbice he remains a patient under guard in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the New Amsterdam Hospital.

On March 7, Mahesh Brigpaul, a machine operator of Number 79 Village, was shot in the back by Police who were on a “special operation” in Corriverton.

News Room was reliably informed that the team is said to be from the capital city and were on a sting operation when they intercepted nine pounds of marijuana.

According to information provided to News Room, during the said operation, the Police came under fire and returned fire striking Brigpaul in the region of his spine which resulted in severe injuries to his intestines.

A Police source told News Room that Brigpaul was in the company of two other persons when shots were fired at the Police.

But the injured man’s mother, Venita Dindyal told News Room that on Sunday her son was conscious enough to speak; he explained he was not in possession of a gun and denied any involvement in the nine pounds of marijuana that were found.

“He tell me he feel he nah gon mek it so he say he want to tell the truth. He even asked for ballistics test to be done on him that he wasn’t involved in anything illegal,” the mother said.

On the day in question, the young man was reportedly at a shop to purchase beer when he was called outside the shop to collect a package.

Dindyal explained that her son was unaware of any package so he walked away when he heard what sounded like gunshots and so he ran when he felt a stinging pain in his back.

“He tell me that’s when he got scared and began to run and while he run away he felt a sharp pain in the back.”

The family said the Police are tightlipped about the matter and refuse to divulge any information on what took place.

“We just want to know what happened, we tried talking to the Police they aren’t telling us anything.”

News Room understands that the family sought an audience with the Commander of ‘B’ Division, Paul Langevine but was unsuccessful.

Up until the publication of this article, the Guyana Police Force has not officially released any information on this matter.

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