Aberdeen City Council to help M&CC improve Georgetown


The Scottish City of Aberdeen will be assisting the Georgetown municipality to enhance its City Police department and stimulate its interactions with offshore energy businesses as Guyana heads into oil production.

The Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine and Lord Provost of Aberdeen, United Kingdom Barney Crockett signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) referred to a Twinning Agreement as that City seeks to assist the M&CC and also establish itself here.

Lord Provost of Aberdeen, United Kingdom Barney Crockett

Under the MoU, Aberdeen which is known for its advancements in the offshore oil and gas industry, will assist the Georgetown municipality to stimulate its interactions with offshore companies.

Crockett at a press conference on Friday told the media that there are many areas where the Scottish city can help Guyana in its early phase of developing its Petroleum sector.

“In the earlier years, we didn’t know how to deal with companies. I think that we had to learn that. I think that planning for infrastructural needs of the city and getting the cooperation you need between the city administration and the national government and these are things that should be looked at,” Crockett noted.

The Lord Provost at Aberdeen City Council added that the two cities will also be working on joint projects in the business and academic sectors.

“One of the main [areas] will be encouraging the business contacts, encouraging positive developments in business. I think also we have a very strong academic centre, particularly for energy so be keen to ensure we can have an interchange of knowledge there,” he told the media.

According to the MoU seen by the media, Aberdeen will be helping to enhance the Georgetown Municipal Police Department.

The two cities will also be exploring initiatives to fund priority projects here, including the City’s Healthcare services, Solid Waste Management and Green Open Spaces.

The agreement is valid for three years after which it can be renewed with mutual approval.

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