Bandits in school uniform rob NA Money Changer of car, $4M


A Money Changer who plies his trade at the New Amsterdam Market was on Saturday afternoon robbed of approximately $4M in cash.

News Room understands that at approximately 16:45 hrs on Saturday, two men disguised in school uniforms similar to that of a nearby secondary School, attacked Robin Busgith at his gate after he returned from work.

The men were armed with guns.

Busgith, of Bermine Scheme, New Amsterdam, Berbice, was held at gunpoint by the men who then grabbed a bag containing about $4M in cash along with his car key.

The suspects then drove away with Busgith’s Toyota 192 Carina which was parked on the bridge.

“They had on navy blue uniform like BEI [Berbice Educational Institute] and a big umbrella covering their face and as they reach by me they just drop the umbrella and grab the bag. When I tried to hold back them point two guns at me and I just let go,” the distraught businessman said.

He told News Room that the bandits wore wigs and were masked but appeared to be young.

His wife, who had moments before stepped out of the car to go inside, is still traumatised.

According to the 49-year-old businessman, he saw the suspects walking on the road but got the impression that they were students of the school and so he did not take them seriously.

His car, bearing registration number PGG 8582, was found this morning abandoned at Overwinning backlands on the East Bank of Berbice. It was taken to the Central Police Station where it is being dusted for prints and other evidence.

This is the second time the money changer was robbed; the first was in 2006. Investigations are ongoing.

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