‘Don’t believe fake news, there is no constitutional crisis’ – Harmon tells Guyanese in NY


Minister of State Joseph Harmon Sunday denied to Guyanese in New York that Guyana is heading into a constitutional crisis, saying any such claim is “fake news.”

This is despite the fact that with the successful passage of the December 21 No Confidence motion, the Government is mandated by the constitution to set a date for elections by March 21, which is only two days away.

“Guyanese people are smart and they know the type of political leadership they have had.

“So try to get the facts and analyse it for yourself,” he stated.

Only a Parliamentary vote of two-thirds of the members of the House can extend the date for elections, and there is no move yet for that to happen.

Minister Harmon with Guyanese in New York. [Photo: Inspire Media/Facebook]
Despite this, Harmon and the Government continue to insist that it is business as usual.

“Don’t believe the fake news,” he told Guyanese gathered at the St. Stephen’s Church Hall in Queens, New York.

“Guyana is not in a crisis. Guyana has a strong, stable Government, which respects the Constitution, respects the rule of law and will never damage that,” Minister Harmon was quoted by the Department of Public Information (DPI) as saying.

However, the President has not set a date and the Election Commission has not yet advised him on the soonest date by which he can do so.

He said it is the belief of the administration that the Government is acting constitutionally and the President remains the President until such time that there are new elections and another President is sworn in.

Minister Harmon with Guyanese in New York. [Photo: Inspire Media/Facebook]
However, Harmon did not add that the constitution only allows the President and Government to remain in office for three months after the passage of a No Confidence motion unless there is an extension approved by the National Assembly.

Harmon claimed the Government is not afraid to call elections while noting that the Constitution of Guyana states unequivocally that GECOM is an independent, autonomous body responsible for the hosting of free, fair and credible elections.

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