Castello Housing Scheme caretaker died from TB – PME reveals


The 50-year-old caretaker Lancelot Grandsoult who was found dead at Lot 22 Castello Housing Scheme, West La Penitence, Georgetown home at around 7:00hrs Monday, died from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, a Post Mortem Examination (PME) revealed Wednesday.

News Room understands that the autopsy was conducted by Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh, who revealed that the disease caused a hole the Grandsoult’s lungs, which resulted in huge amounts of blood to exit the nostril and mouth.

The house where the body was found

News Room had reported that Grandsoult was the caretaker of the house and was found motionless in the yard by a neighbour, who subsequently alerted the authorities.

Police found a bucket containing what appears to be blood next to the body and dried blood stains were seen in the area of his mouth and nose; no marks of violence were observed on the body.

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