Drag Racing: Team Mohamed’s promises electrifying speed on Sunday


With the full quarter mile for Drag Racing to be used for the first time at South Dakota Circuit, Team Mohamed’s looks set to clock some remarkable times with their fleet of Nissan GT-Rs.

Based on results from testing, driver Terence Cox said they can push for fast times on Sunday (March 24) given the Launch Pad has been a most useful addition.

“This new launch pad is really helping the cars on the 60ft. The cars are feeling good going straight down the track. I am really enjoying this new Launch Pad Mr. Mohamed has put in for us,” the American told News Room Sport on Thursday.

The Launch Pad was funded by Mohamed’s Enterprise, the base of Team Mohamed’s.

Driver Terence Cox

Cox is expected to be in the driver’s seat of both machines, but there is the possibility the team’s Principal Azruddin Mohamed, could use the black for a head-to-head showdown. However, that is more for the appeasement of the fans rather than genuine competition.

The white GT-R has around 1000HP more than the black.

“The black car is amazing as always and it is going to be fast. We did 185 (MPH) on the first pass and the white car we are working on some kinks, keeping the boost down before we really apply power.”

‘Goliath’ will also be on show this Sunday

Cox added, “This new quarter mile is adding a lot of speed to the end of it and it is getting harder to slow down towards the end. The white car- I am thinking we are going to see low eight (seconds) and probably close to 190-200 (MPH) resulting in the need for the usage of the parachute.”

‘Goliath’, as the black GT-R known, is poised to possibly hit 8.50s, a time it previously did in Suriname.

The full 1320 ft should make some for exciting action as all machines now have an opportunity to push the limit. Fans should not be too worried about safety since the organisers are making that their top priority by following FIA guidelines, according to Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club President Rameez Mohamed.

Adult tickets cost $1,000 each, while a ticket for a child is half that amount. Action will get underway at 09:00h.

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