Man drowns trying to get ball at Splashmin’s Resort


Twenty-five-year-old Dinesh Ramdas of Lot ‘A’Coglan Dam, West Bank Demerara man on Sunday lost his life at the Splashmin’s Resort while on an outing with a group of friends.

The body was Monday morning fished out of the Lake at the resort by relatives.

News Room understands that man was actually outside the resort; however, the ball he and his friends were playing with, went over the fence and into the resort and Ramdas left in an attempt to retrieve it. It is alleged that he tried diving under the fence when he disappeared into the water.

“Some birthday they had and he leave and went. He left home around 9 ‘o’ clock then we get the message around 3 ‘o’ clock time,” Shellyan Ramdas, the mother told the News Room.

 The woman said when persons enquired from the resort employees about a boat to help search for the man they were allegedly told by staffers that they could not assist.

“By the time we reach there, the police them was coming out with the boys [Dinesh’s friends] and they carry we at the station to go take a statement.

“By the time we go back, me and my husband go beg a boy to just lend we the boat because one boy tell we he will get two other boys to go look for my son.

“He tell we no he can’t do that, they said they can’t lend we the boat because the manager wasn’t around so they can’t lend out the boat.” 

When contacted by the News Room early in the day, the owner of the resort said he did not have details.

At around 08:30hrs Monday, the man’s body was found at the same spot in which he went down into the water with his face partially eaten by fishes, Police reported.

The man’s mother said if they were allowed a boat from the beginning her son could have been saved.

Ramdas was the eldest of three children.

His body is currently at the Lyken Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem investigation.


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