President accredits Botswana, Zambia High Commissioners


Diplomats from Botswana and Zambia Wednesday presented their credentials to President David Granger. The two South African States have committed to enhancing cooperation with Guyana.

The non-resident High Commissioner of Botswana to Guyana, Tebogo Teko Lily Motshome promised to continue to promote excellent bilateral relations and mutual respect for the principle of democracy, good governance and the rule of law.

President Granger said Guyana and Botswana established diplomatic ties since 1975. The country is looking to establish relations particularly in the areas of agriculture, air transportation, green development, mining, public health, trade and tourism.

Motshome said: “We need to choose a path as nations that serves the interest of all and upholds the broadly held international values that preserve and nurtures our prosperity and security and that contributes to our collective goal as a better, safer, more just, more prosperous members of state in the world.”

Meanwhile, Zambia’s non-resident High Commissioner to Guyana, Alfreda Chilekwa Kansembe Mwamba, said cooperation with Guyana can be enhanced by allowing teachers and doctors in Guyana to study in Africa.

Zambia is mainly a mineral mining country but is also seeking collaboration with Guyana in the areas of agriculture and tourism.

L-R: Non-resident High Commissioner of Botswana to Guyana Tebogo Teko Lily Motshome, President David Granger, Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge and First Secretary to the High Commissioner, Poledi Matsetse

Mwamba said: “It is now time to concretize bilateral cooperation especially in mining and tourism.”

President Granger Guyana-Zambia “relations were cemented by the close personal friendship between Guyana’s first Prime Minister Forbes Burnham and Zambia’s first President Dr.  Kenneth Kaunda, both passionate advocates of the African Liberation. President’s Kaunda’s visit to Guyana in 1975 helped to deepen relations between our two states.”

The non-resident High Commissioner further said: “Zambia seeks to enhance bilateral relations between our two countries in whatever shape or form.”

President Granger said that since 1971, relations between Guyana and Zambia and have been founded on mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non- interference in internal affairs, cooperation for mutual benefit, respect for treaties and international law and the maintenance of international peace and security.

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