Viral video of student abusing teacher was captured in 2017


A video of a confrontation between a student of the Christ Church Secondary School and a teacher recently went viral on social media but the Ministry of Education has clarified that the incident occurred since October 19, 2017, and was dealt then.

A statement from the Ministry Friday explained that the confrontation was a result of the student using a mobile phone during instruction time, which is prohibited.

In the video, the young man can be seen struggling to relieve the phone from the teacher’s hand as she fought to stand her ground.

The Ministry said the matter was reported to the administration of the school following which the child’s parent requested that he is transferred to another school and that request was granted.

Mobile phones are prohibited in during instruction periods –a rule which came into effect since April 14, 2007.

The Ministry of Education in its statement condemned any act of violence particularly in the school environment as it also promised an update on another viral video of students being abused by one of their peers at the New Amsterdam Technical Institute.

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