Cruise ship crew member robbed on Lombard Street


A crew member of the M.S. Serenissima –a UK cruise ship which is visiting Guyana for three days – was on Saturday morning robbed of his cellphone and a quantity of cash after ignoring the advice of tour operators and venturing out on his own.

News Room understands that the 40-year-old crew member was dropped off by a taxi in the vicinity of Mohamed’s Enterprise at Lombard Street, Georgetown in the wee hours of Saturday, when he was attacked by two males who took his Iphone, valued US$900 and US$120 cash along with his Master Card and his room card.

He received injuries to his left and right elbows which were treated by a doctor onboard the vessel.

According to a statement from Wilderness Explorers, systems were put in place to have an evening tour to allow individuals the opportunity to experience Guyana’s nightlife, so there would be no need for guests to go out on their own.

However, the tour operator said it is doing everything necessary to ensure that a similar incident does not occur.

“It is a reality that [the Guyana National Shipping Corporation Wharf where the ship is docked] is the only port that is equipped with the infrastructure to accommodate a cruise ship is located in a less than ‘tourist friendly’ area, the statement noted.

Wilderness Explorers expressed regret that the incident occurred and noted that the actions of the perpetrators should not be seen as a representation of the people of Guyana.

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