‘Stakeholders of Guyana Cricket’ congratulates new CWI leaders


The group calling itself ‘Stakeholders of Guyana Cricket’ has offered congratulations to newly-elected President and Vice-president of Cricket West Indies (CWI), Ricky Skerritt and Dr. Kishore Shallow.

The group, in a press statement, said it is “heartened and excited at this development”, noting that the change in leadership at CWI will “revive the fortunes of our great game.”

Skerritt and Dr. Shallow defeated Dave Cameron and his Vice-president Emmanual Nanthan 8-4 at last Sunday’s elections in Jamaica.

Below is the full statement by the group.

“We, the Majority Stakeholders of Guyana Cricket (the Berbice Cricket Board, the East Coast Cricket Board, the Georgetown Cricket Association and the Upper Demerara Cricket Association), offer our sincerest congratulations to Mr. Richard Skerritt and to Dr. Kishore Shallow on their ascendency to the Presidency and the Vice-Presidency respectively of Cricket West Indies (CWI).  

We are heartened and excited at this development as we know that their strong, progressive and impartial leadership will revive the fortunes of our great game.

Cricket lovers throughout the region and beyond now eagerly anticipate the return of the West Indies to the pinnacle of world cricket under their capable leadership. We are firm in our belief that the entire region is elated with their appointments and will rally round them and their committee in the interest of West Indies Cricket.

Therefore, we look forward to an urgent resolution to the crisis in the administration of Guyana’s Cricket which has been ongoing since 2011. This includes the illegality of the current executives of the Guyana Cricket Board as stated in a sworn affidavit emanating from the Ministry of the Presidency (with responsibility for Sport).

Please be assured of our fullest support and cooperation as you commence to rebuild our beloved regional game both at the administrative and the playing levels. Congratulations and best wishes for a highly successful tenure.”

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