Young Berbice mother hacked to death by husband


Twenty-year-old Omwattie Wazir-Gill, a mother of a 7-month old baby girl was brutally murdered by her husband on Saturday morning as she made her way to work in Rose Hall, Corentyne Berbice.

News Room understands that Omwattie known as ‘Angalie’ was staying at her mother’s Lot 63 D’ Williamsburg, Corentyne Berbice home after recently moving out of her husband’s house.

She was riding her bicycle to work, heading north along Dr. Tulsie Street, Williamsburg, when the suspect Gavin Gill struck her down with his motorcar HC4924 causing her to fall to the ground as the windscreen shattered.

The man then exited the motorcar with a knife and proceeded to stab her several times about the body.

The suspect returned to the vehicle, armed himself with a cutlass and attempted to hack off his wife’s head.

A Police patrol was passing at the time and caught the suspect in the act and arrested him.

The young woman was rushed to the hospital where she subsequently died.

‘Angalie’ in happier times

An eyewitness, Subnauth Bickham told the News Room he tried to stop the raging man from hurting the woman but he retreated after the man also attacked him.

“I [was] inside and I hear an impact so when I come outside to see what happening I see the girl roll off the bonnet and fall down on me bridge.

“I think was an accident so as I go outside now to help [I saw] the driver come out and rush up to the girl and start fuh stab she up.  When I try fuh stop he, he run in back the vehicle and bring out a cutlass and start fuh rush me so I run back in the yard and start [calling for help].”

Bickham recalled what happened next.

“The man ain’t move, he just start chopping the girls neck like he want cut off she head.”

“He was like a mad man just chopping away.”

Police said ‘Angalie’ sustained two laceration wounds to her neck measuring 9cm and 5cm, four laceration wounds to her head and one stab wound to the left side of her back.

The knife and cutlass used along with the motorcar were lodged at the Albion Police Station.

The News Room understands that Angalie moved out of her matrimonial home due to the man’s abusive behaviour and just last week she was granted a restraining order against him.

Angalie reportedly started working on Monday last at a store in Rose Hall as she tried to move on with her life and provide for herself and 7-month old infant. The couple got married last year.

The suspect is in police custody.

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