GOA concludes Olympic Solidarity Sports Administrators Course in Linden


The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) Sports Administrators Course was attended by 18 sports administrators who successfully completed the four-day course recently at the Egbert Benjamin Conference Centre in Mackenzie.

It was the 20th such course to be held by the GOA through its Olympic Solidarity programme and Treasurer of the Association, Garfield Wiltshire, summed up the results by congratulating all who wrote the test at the end of the training as they were all successful.

Two persons- Richlin Paton and Delon Peters- scored over 90 percent.

The others participants were Lisa Chee-A-Tow, Christol Thom, Melissa Joseph, Shanna Chester, Jamila Chapman-Wills, June Harris, Dr. Karen Perreira, Nichola Jacobs, Nyamikky Johnson, Annetta Assanah, Irin Cadogan, Shanees Velloza, Cliffana Hunter, Dillion Scipio, Swain Ross and Dwayne McKinnon.

Attending the closing ceremony as the guest speaker, Linden’s Mayor Waneka Arrendel boasted of the achievement and reminded that Linden was always at the top of its sport games.

She said the GOA must be commended for having the certification course in Linden as it shows recognition of what Linden has done in the field of sport over the years. “We are proud of the training that you have given to the residents of Linden.”

Wiltshire told the participants: “I would like to congratulate you on a job well done and that you would have retained much of what was done even though there were a lot of complains, but I congratulate you on a job well done.”

Course Director Claude Blackmore, in giving his overview, said, “I would like to say to each one of you who are present, congratulations on a work well done. Congratulations on what you have produced in terms of your actions. Congratulations in the manner in which you presented yourselves. Congratulations in the various pieces of issues which you identified and which you have made suggestions.”

Dr. Karen Perreira of the Linden Amateur Basketball Association gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the participants.

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