Loyalty chief among qualities as AFC looks for Gaskin’s replacement


Almost four months after one of its members voted with the Opposition on a motion of No-Confidence against the Government, Alliance For Change (AFC) Leader, Raphael Trotman says the party is looking for a “loyal” candidate to replace Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin in Parliament.

“We’ll look at levels or degrees of loyalty if I’m to be upright and upfront about that,” Trotman said, months after the December 21st vote of No-Confidence against the Government cast by AFC back-bencher Charrandass Persaud.

He was at the time addressing the media at a press conference at the party’s headquarters Wednesday where he disclosed that the AFC has begun the process of assessing its list of candidates to find a suitable replacement.

Charrandass Persaud before voting in favour of the No-Confidence Motion against the APNU+AFC Govt

The AFC leader said the party is looking for someone who is competent and has the ability to represent the party well.

“We’ll look at their ability to attend sittings of the National Assembly if they are incapacitated or they may be having to travel abroad for study or for something…we have to take several matters into consideration,” Trotman explained.

Gaskin, who was Minister of Business, along with Ministers of State, Foreign Affairs and Public Service, resigned from their posts following the March 22 court ruling that dual citizens cannot sit in Parliament.

Following Gaskin’s resignation due to his status of a dual citizen, having been born in the United Kingdom, Trotman confirmed that one of the names being considered is Donna Mathoo.

Donna Mathoo

Mathoo is the current Manager of the National Communications Network (NCN) Berbice branch since 2015.

Mathoo was at the center of fraud allegations in 2017 which led to her being sent on almost one year leave.

She was reinstated to the position in 2018.


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