Second Chinese worker from Manganese operation dies


A second Chinese worker has died after falling sick with a dozen others at the Manganese operation in Region One.

The post mortem examinations on the two men were conducted on Thursday morning. The cause of death was found to be haemorrhagic pneumonia as a result of leptospirosis.

The men were identified as 47-year-old Zhong Zhenglong and 45-year-old Zi Zheng Guo. The Ministry of Health has issued no official statement on the issue since Monday.

On Monday, five persons were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital from the mining site, joining seven others who were taken to the institution on Saturday.

The body of one of the workers was flown to the city last Monday after he succumbed while receiving medical attention at Port Kaituma.

The area where the employees were reportedly working when they fell ill

The second worker was one of those who was flown to the city and hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Since Monday, two others were admitted to the hospital, including a Guyanese.

The workers were airlifted to the city after experiencing symptoms including pain, fever, headache and respiratory distress.

After several tests, two persons were on Monday diagnosed with Leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that affects animals and can be transferred to humans who come in contact with the animals’ urine.

The Ministry found that the affected patients had previously worked to clean a tunnel of bat droppings and other items.

The Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence, had said that over 200 workers were being assessed.

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