Families living next to sewage compound plead for help from government


Over a dozen families relocated from Tiger Bay 20 years ago and put to live next to a sewage compound in East La Penitence, Georgetown, are pleading for help to escape the harsh conditions under which they live.

On Friday, the Minister responsible for housing, Valerie Patterson-Adams met with residents to discuss their concerns.

The area does not have proper potable water, drainage or facilities that are conducive for comfortable living.

Resident, Dwayne Brown

Dwayne Brown has been living at the location for 15 years. He complained of many instances where the police would terrorize families looking for suspected criminals.

Brown explained that they would be harassed by the Police since persons would commit crimes and run through the area, causing the Police to search them and on occasions arrest them.

More than 15 families live in the area under harsh conditions. A majority of the women living in the area are single mothers who said they are unable to build permanent structures.

Odessa Blackman said that during the rainy season her home would flood because of the lack of proper drainage in the area.

Resident, Odessa Blackman

“For the past 19 years that I have been living here, it has been tough. The police coming in anyhow shooting up in the yard.

“They don’t have no time; they running in your house.”

Though the residents have occupied the area for two decades, Minister within the Ministry of Communities Valarie Adams-Patterson said up until last Sunday she was unaware that it existed.

During her visit Minister Patterson, along with Simona Broomes, Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, they listened to the residents cry for help and discussed the way forward for the area.

Minister within the Ministry of Communities Valarie Adams-Patterson

“We’re going to discuss this and work on a way forward (and) then meet with your committee,” she told residents.

“I’m saying to you we are going to commit to changing this situation.”

Residents of the area are asking that the minister regularize the area or provide them with house lots so that they can build their own homes.

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