McIntosh wraps up two-day visit with U-17 team interaction


The One Concacaf and Caribbean Project Senior Manager, Howard Mc ntosh, successfully wrapped up his two-day visit to Guyana on Thursday by observing part of the National Under-17 team training session at the Guyana Football Federation’s National Training Centre, Providence.

He was accompanied by GFF’s President Wayne Forde to the team preparing for the Concacaf Under-17 Men’s Championship in May 2019 at the IMG Academy, Florida. In expressing his pleasure to observe the training, he encouraged the team to do their best and embrace the opportunity before them.

“The only thing that the President, the coaches, everybody can ask of you is to do your best and, in doing your best, have an appreciation for what others have done and for others to come so you can lay a path for them. You’re at the U-17 level and some of you are at the U-15 level; you have a career that many of us (didn’t have)…you have an opportunity and the opportunity has been made even more prominent because of the achievement of the senior team.”

He also offered sober words for their consideration as they head into the May encounter.

“Guyana is on the map so when you go to the tournament in May everybody will be watching to see what the prospects are for Guyana and how well Guyana is doing and you’re now going to be a higher profiled team than you were last week. That’s just a reality and you need to understand that and accept that and embrace it because it’s really an opportunity, don’t allow it to pressure you. Think about the opportunity you have and, most of all, enjoy it.”

McIntosh, as part of his visit, also had a number of engagements, including meeting with President Forde and the Executive Committee Members, courtesy call on the Director of Sports, Christopher Jones, meeting with the Guyana Tourism Authority, visit to the GFF’s Durban Park Complex project site, meeting with GFF Staff for a workshop on “ONE Concacaf” and participating in a press conference hosted by the GFF.

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