NIS contributions can now be processed online


To reduce filing errors and the use of paper and have contributions filed in a timely manner, the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Friday launched a system for online submissions.

The NIS website has been existence for some time now this new feature will allow employers to forward their monthly or weekly contribution schedules through a web application.

Nigel Carter, Computer Operations Manager of the National Insurance Scheme spoke with News Room explaining how the feature works.

“What it [the system] does is it gives the employer the option to upload their electronic schedule via our internet portal…it assists greatly in the timely upload of contributions.

“With the manual system we have to let our staff manually upload this schedule to our database and that is prone to human errors.

“From history, we found that a lot of these errors we have on our database was in house… so we moved to the electronic submission which eliminates that,” Carter added.

The new system will detect filing errors made by employers, which, if not corrected, could affect employees in the future when they seek benefits.

Employers are encouraged to immediately take advantage of the online submissions since the portal is already up and ready for use.

Carter said the NIS is moving away from the use of paper and this option is the best in ensuring that this is done. 

However, individuals who may want to submit their contributions as self-employed persons cannot use this option since it is currently only available for employers.

“We’re going to include a portal for the self-employed but for not it is just for large employers.” Carter disclosed.

 The National Insurance Scheme Friday also held an open day where contributors were able to check on contributions, make general inquiries, among other issues.

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