Accused in rape of 6-year-old boy freed


A 19-year-old man walked out of the Demerara Sexual Offences Court a free man after a 12-member mixed jury returned a unanimous verdict, acquitting him of the charge.

Jarrel Duke was on trial before Justice Brassington Reynolds at the High Court, where the jury found him not guilty of engaging in sexual penetration with the six-year-old boy between December 14, 2013, and December 18, 2013.

Duke was represented by attorney Rabindra Mohabir, while the State’s case was presented by Prosecutors Lisa Cave, Seeta Bishundial and Sarah Martin.

Justice Reynolds told Duke that this was the closest that he should want to come to a life sentence and to consider it a second chance.

“Take the opportunity to go on with your life in a way that will bring honour and glory to the God that you serve,” the Judge stated.

The Judge further urged that the parents of the victim and Duke seek professional help and intervention for their kids.

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