Four teenage boys stripped and beaten by Charity Police


Police Commissioner Leslie James on Monday confirmed that investigations are underway into reports that Police on the Essequibo Coast stripped and beat four teenage boys last week inside the Charity Police Station.

News Room understands that the boys are friends and are between the ages of 13-14.

The Commissioner said that the Police officers involved in the incident are still on the job while the matter is under investigation.

“At some point some action will be taken and a decision will be made,” the Commissioner told reporters Monday.

The boys were picked up from a street corner in the Charity squatting area and taken to the Charity Police Station, where they were stripped and beaten.

Three of the boys were beaten on April 2, while the other boy was taken into custody and beaten sometime before that.

Donna Seenauth, one of the boys’ mother, said the police told her that her 14-year-old son was beaten because he was liming late on the road.

According to the single mother of four, this was between 8:30pm and 9:00pm on Tuesday last.

Seenauth said her son sustained injuries to his head and private parts. The other boys sustained respiratory problems, a damaged eardrum and injury to the knee.

Most of the boys are from single parent homes and are all school dropouts.

Seenauth said: “I find it lil hard to send him to school because I am a single parent; some days is good and some days is not too nice.”

Seenauth sells snacks on the road.

“…they beat them boys real bad and I don’t like it.”

The mother said this usually happens in the community, but this is the first time her son was beaten by police officers.

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