Police’s Crime Lab needs staff


Persons are being invited to start a career within the Crime Lab Department of the Guyana Police Force.

Sergeant Stephanie Monasingh, from the Guyana Police Force’s Crime Lab Department, said the department is in need of more professionals in order to effectively investigate crimes.

The Sergeant spoke with News Room at the Annual Police Career Fair on Saturday.

“We need more persons and all of those who looking at CSI, yes we need you.

“There are courses offered so that you can go abroad and study and come back.

“It’s a large field, there are lots of things you can learn. There is blood spatter, there is ballistics – the crime lab is a vast area,” Sergeant Monasingh said.

Sergeant Stephanie Monasingh

The crime lab processes crime scenes and collects evidence, however even though the Sergeant attributed to the profession being like CSI – a crime investigation television series – she said, “it’s more work put into it, it’s not as easy as it seems, but it is interesting.

“It is nice to solve crimes and uplift prints and finally match it with someone,” she stated.

When persons join the Police Force, they can further be involved with the crime scene course and be part of the forensic team.

“In terms of improvement, we need more staff, we need more courses, we need more equipment to better function.

“Sometimes you’re in the lab and then it looks like you have a lot of persons, but then so many scenes come in.

“We don’t have enough staff to send out, so we need manpower.”

Other Branches and Departments of the Police Force also informed visitors of the opportunities available.

These departments included Central Immigration and Passport Office, Felix Austin Police Training College, Traffic Headquarters, Cyber Crime Unit, Narcotics, and the Fire Service.

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