Top Cop to Police: ‘Leave if you’re not comfortable with your salaries’


At the start of three Police training programmes Monday at the Police Officers’ Training Centre Eve Leary, Commissioner of Police Leslie James had a direct message for Police officers accepting bribes to prop up their salaries: leave if the salary is not good enough.

At the same time, he said the Police would be pursuing those who are quick to offer bribes to the Police.

“I am going to engage particular departments in the force for us to pursue particular exercises to deal with this scourge…. you just cannot offer and then going and tell people, police taking bribe,” the Police Commissioner said.

Further, “You, the police ranks, if you are not comfortable with your salaries, leave the job. You came on, you were told what is being offered and you decide to become an agent of the force.”

But according to James, it’s not just the Policemen who are at fault; he said, “It is better for you to say civilians offering bribes and the police taking bribes. I’m making it very clear it is not a one-way exercise, offer and acceptance.”

Commissioner of Police Leslie James

The Police Commissioner said he would like to see a change in their performances and fewer allegations of corruption.

Speaking directly to the officers he said, “From this day forward we will like to see a marked change with your approach to your police duties. We will like to see commitment as you execute your daily routine.”

The officers were urged to execute their duties with confidence.

“I am always concerned when I see a policeman or policewoman executing their duties in a manner that suggests that he or she is not aware of the functions,” the Commissioner said.

According to the Commissioner, the officers need to be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to better serve the people of the country with the highest standard.

“In our history is a much reformed Guyana police force and through the assistance of our Protector, we will keep pushing this noble organization forward by way of a collective effort and, you the persons identified for these programmers commencing today are part of that structure.”

Sergeants, Corporals and Lance Corporals will be embarking on three training courses inclusive of station management, newly promoted subordinate officers and traffic seminar for constables.

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