3 years jail, $1.7M fine for trafficking marijuana


Thirty-six-year-old taxi driver Sherwin Edwards Clarke was sentenced to three years imprisonment and ordered to pay a fine of $1.7M by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan trafficking over eight pounds of Cannabis.

Clarke of Canje, Berbice was found guilty of the charge which read that on February 11, 2019, at the Fireside Grill, Garnett Street, Kitty he trafficked 3.86 kilograms of cannabis.

Evidence was led by Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) prosecutor Narissa Leander; Clarke was unrepresented.

The Chief Magistrate, in her ruling, explained that Clarke opted to change his plea and confess to the charge while leading his defence.

She noted, however, that it was too late in the trial for him to change his plea.

The Chief Magistrate explained that the Prosecutor proved that Clarke had knowledge and control of the drug on the day in question.

After being found guilty, Clarke said: “I’m thankful for all the lies that witnesses told and this hurt my family and my unborn child.”

The defendant explained that he has learnt from his mistake and in the future will check his passengers’ luggage before placing it in his car.

News Room had reported that Clarke transports passengers from Berbice to Georgetown and on the day in question he was the lone occupant of the car when he was stopped and searched by CANU ranks at the Fireside Grill restaurant. The illegal drugs were found inside the car.

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