Deadly land dispute: Father, son found guilty of beating neighbour to death


A father and son were on Thursday found guilty of fatally beating their neighbour and relative Suresh Nandkishore called “Ravo” to death in 2015 over a land dispute at Handsome Tree Mahaica, East Coast Demerara.

Sukhdeo Dharamdat, 54, called Toney and his son, 25-year-old Eshwardat Dharamdat called ‘Bruddow’ were on trial before Justice Navindra Singh at the Demerara High Court.

Sukhdeo was found guilty by a 12-member mixed jury for the capital offence of murder. Meanwhile, his son was found guilty of the lesser count, manslaughter.

Dead: Suresh Nandkishore

The father and son were represented by Attorneys-at-law Pamela DaSantos, Brandon DaSantos and Alanna Lall while the State was represented by prosecutors Tuanna Hardy, Abigail Gibbs and Teriq Mohammed.

Sentencing for the Dharamdats was deferred to May 7, 2019, to facilitate a probation report.

According to reports, on the day in question, the now dead man, his father Bhopaul Nandkishore, and brother Parmanand were in the process of erecting a fence on a plot of land when a heated argument erupted between them and the Dharamdats.

Both parties are relatives but were not on speaking terms due to a land dispute.

The Dharamdats reportedly picked up two of the posts that were meant for the fence and began lashing Nandkishores about their bodies.

Ravo had reportedly tried to walk away but was cornered and dealt several lashes to his head, causing his death.

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